Slab Leak Detection Services in Wilmington, NC

Does the possibility of a residential or business slab leak concern you? Today, builders in Wilmington, North Carolina and surrounding areas frequently erect homes and commercial buildings on level concrete slabs reinforced with steel rebar. They typically prepare openings for underground plumbing pipes and vents within these structures.

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A slab will ultimately enclose some pipes within concrete. While the slab helps hold important plumbing infrastructure in place, problems may occur if pipes in these difficult-to-access locations develop leaks. Every year, repairing slab leaks costs some North Carolina property owners money and inconvenience.

Slab Leaks Require Prompt Attention

Property owners should not ignore slab leaks. Water draining into a slab may ultimately produce significant damage. Sometimes a slab leak causes the surrounding concrete to deteriorate, or crack. Water from a slab leak may damage floors and carpets. Leaks may even drain directly under the slab, and produce undesired changes in the ground beneath a home or commercial building. For a variety of reasons, most construction experts recommend fixing slab leaks as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, plumbers may encounter challenges reaching slab leaks. Since the premises rest on top of the slab, fixing this type of leak generally requires opening a section of the floor. To minimize the costs associated with this expensive repair process, customers benefit by first identifying the site of a suspected slab leak. Leak Locators specializes in detecting water leaks. Our service may help residents of the Greater Wilmington Area confirm a suspected slab leak's location more accurately.

Obtain Skilled Leak Detection Assistance

Leak Locators strives to ensure our customers obtain correct information about slab leaks. We maintain a fully licensed and insured business. You don't want to expend money removing part of a floor only to discover a suspected water leak actually occurred in another, more readily accessible location! Our technicians perform testing to verify the presence of suspected slab leaks. We'll help you identify the most likely site(s) of leaking, so you can seek cost-effective repairs.

While no one welcomes the presence of a slab leak, it brings greater peace of mind knowing a potentially expensive repair process will actually address the problems caused by this type of leak. Not every leak contributing to wet flooring occurs as a result of leaks located in slabs. Water may drain into carpeting from damaged plumbing pipes situated within the interior of the home, or even from leaks in a roof or skylight. Request our assistance to pinpoint the source of leaks accurately.

A Valuable Service

Most experts agree upon the wisdom of receiving second opinions in some situations. For example, frequently physicians will recommend their patients consult with a specialist to obtain another opinion before undergoing an expensive medical procedure. If your plumber strongly suspects a slab leak, but has not succeeded in identifying the source of leaking water, requesting assistance from an experienced water leak detection company often makes good financial sense.

Our technicians work full-time helping customers pinpoint sites of water leakage. We use a variety of information to help us accomplish this task. Since fixing a slab leak may require a significant investment in your real estate, we offer a smart initial option in most cases. Our assistance may help you limit the amount you pay to correct a slab leak.

Further Information

Would you like to receive further information about our slab leak detection and repair services? We serve both residential and commercial customers. Contact us for assistance if you suspect the presence of a possible slab leak. We serve customers throughout Wilmington and nearby communities. You can reach us using the convenient website form, or by calling 910-284-7154.

Slab leak detection

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