Pool Leaks
3 Big Hazards of Swimming Pool Leaks
Swimming pools can represent one of the most valuable additions to a home or apartment complex. They facilitate outdoor recreation, keep children entertained and active, and help to alleviate the average household’s dependence upon air conditioning during the summer.

The problem is that swimming pools are not cheap. It can cost between $1,500 to $25,000 to install a new pool. It also takes 15,000 to 30,000 gallons of water to fill a pool, which can be costly.

While this investment may be reasonable, it can go down the drain with a simple swimming pool leak. One leak that remains unattended can substantially increase the cost of water and reduce the longevity of your pool.

Let’s take a look at some of the dangers that a pool leak can pose to your property, your person and your wallet.

Damage to Your Pool

The most immediate problem a swimming pool leak can cause is damage to your pool itself. While this damage will be relatively contained if the leak affects only the vinyl lining most pools have, it can cause extensive damage if it affects the concrete substructure.

Even a tiny leak can erode this concrete. This can result in damage that extends down from the leak and outwards. A small leak that is a fraction of an inch in diameter may even up becoming one that spans several feet.

This type of leak can compromise the safety and structural integrity of your pool. While most damage can be repaired, some damage may be so extensive that your pool might need to be partially or wholly replaced.

Damage to Your Plumbing

If a leak affects the plumbing that connects to your pool, it can have similar results. Corrosion can occur in the pipes. Shifts in the underlying foundation can occur to create pipe breakage. Even the soil could erode as the leak progresses.

The result of these types of leaks is a significantly heightened water bill with the potential to create muddy areas that can act as slipping hazards.

Hazards to People

Even if you can ignore the dangers associated with your pool and your home, a leaking pool can create hazards that put everyone on your property at danger.

Due to the amount of water that can leak from a pool, it can create muddy areas in the nearby ground. This can result in everything from foundation shifts to the creation of swamp-like areas that act as slipping hazards and breeding grounds for insects.

The excess water can even drown any nearby grass, shrubbery and other landscaping. This can result in a pool that looks subpar and a decreased property value.

Swimming Pool Leaks Shouldn’t Persist

The numerous dangers and avoidable costs associated with swimming pool leaks makes them one of the biggest worries for anyone with a pool. These costs can quickly drain your wallet while taking away from the enjoyment that should be your swimming pool.

If swimming pool leaks are allowed to persist, they will only become worse. Seldom do they lessen in severity.

The good news is that catching a swimming pool leak early and repairing it will help you avoid these dangers and keep the operating cost of your pool low. We specialize in doing this at Leak Locators.

We can look for even the smallest of leaks using our tested techniques and new technologies. This allows us to find the small swimming pool leaks that will inevitably grow to massive problems with appropriately-priced costs.

To learn more about our comprehensive leak location and repair services, contact us by calling (919) 376-9203 or by using our website. We specialize in repairing leaks of all sizes, as any leak will only grow in size and become a bigger problem when left unchecked.