4 Problems Sub-Utility Leak Detection Can Fix

Underground leaks represent one of the most costly problems that property owners face. These leaks can cost thousands in terms of inflated utility costs, but they can also create costly foundation issues that can lead to catastrophic problems as well.

The worst part is that sub-utility leaks can be problematic to locate. Pools, for example, can have leaks that range from anywhere from the pool itself to the main waterline. This would normally require excavating the entire line, which can create substantial damage to your yard.

The good news is that Leak Locators specializes in minimally invasive sub-utility leak location. We can perform our services without completely destroying your yard.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that you may wish to use our service rather than opting for the age-old method of complete and total line excavation.

1. Correcting Your High Water Bill

The most pressing problem that a leak poses is the fact that it can significantly increase your water bill. This will only get worse over time and you’re literally trowing money out the window. You’re unfortunately stuck with the increased water bill until you correct the problem. That wasted water is just that, – wasted.

On top of those added charges, you will need to pay to have the line fixed.

When you choose to use our service, we save you money in terms of wasted water and the cost of your repairs. Our experts can diligently find your leaks, fix them, and allow you to continue using whatever is connected to your lines without worry.

2. Preventing Foundation Issues

Another significant problem that property owners face while leaks exist revolves around the problems this moisture can cause with foundations. Every foundation is vulnerable to a constant stream of water leaking from pipes, because this encourages erosion of concrete and soil alike.

If the sub-utility line leaks near the main line connection, this water can intrude into basements and foundations. The soil will eventually shift, which can cause everything from cracks in doors to serious earthquake-like shifts.

If you have a pool, this can be particularly problematic. Shifts in the pool foundation can lead to the development of large cracks, which in turn can allow water to penetrate the concrete lining of the pool. This leads to lost water, shifts in the nearby ground and other compounding problems.

The best way to prevent these problems from worsening and developing is to quickly fix these leaks to your sub-utility lines. Our professionals can locate these leaks, remove problematic plumbing, and replace the plumbing with superior fixtures that protect against further leakage.

3. Keeping Your Yard Healthy

Yards, regardless if you are a business or a homeowner, when the yards develops dead grass, swampy spots and trees that died from drowning, then you have a costly issue that also substantially detracts from your property’s beauty. This can lead to a decreased property value and citations from your local government, which in turn can lead to extra costs.

Sub-utility leaks are one of the more common causes of these yard problems. The excess water from damaged pipes tend to pool around the damaged areas, which in turn creates everything from swamp yard to drowned trees.

By using our sub-utility repair, we can quickly find the source and repair it.. This minimizes the damage that the excess water would have on your yard while ensuring that the entire soil-based ecosystem begins to repair itself.

4. One Less Reason to Avoid Your Pool

Sub-utility leaks, can cause residential and commercial owners from using their pools. The cost of these leaks is so great that they turn their pools off to try to save money.

Compared to the time and money involved in fixing a sub-utility leak to the amount most invest in installing their swimming pools, fixing it is the way to go.

Rather than letting yourself have another reason to refrain from using your pool, opt to get your sub-utility leak located and lines fixed. Our repair process is simple and expedited because we use our experience and reliable repair techniques to complete the process.

Don’t Let a Sub-Utility Leak Ruin Your Day

We have the experience and the technology necessary for quickly identifying leaks and repairing them. We generally do not need to uncover the entire line to fix the leak unless, in a worst-case scenario, the line ruptured from lack of proper repairs.

To learn more about our sub-utility leak detection and repair services, or to see what we can do to help reduce your leaks, call us today. You can reach us at (919) 376-9203. We are available for estimates, consultations and other services.