High water bill
4 Signs You May Have a Water Leak
Plumbing leaks represent one of the most wasteful ways to lose water. The EPA reports that the average home wastes 10,000 gallons of water through leaks each year.

This amounts to 1 trillion gallons of water wasted nationwide each year with an equally wasteful amount added to the average American’s water utility bill.

While many of these leaks occur at a terminal point of the water system, many occur between the utility supply line and the terminal point. This can make them incredibly difficult to notice and to locate, but that’s why Leak Locators is there to help.

Let’s examine some of the signs that your home may have a hidden leak that may not be completely evident.

1.Your Water Bill Increases Each Month

A hidden water leak represents an opportunity for your water usage to increase, which in turn means that your water utility bills can be higher than they should be.

High water bill

What you may not realize is that water leaks tend to progressively worsen. This is because of the fact that most water systems are pressurized, which means that one breach in the system will result in a hole that continues to widen rather than remaining the same.

This is why one water leak tends to become more costly as time progresses. Given the right conditions, this means that a small leak can become a catastrophic breach that costs you a considerable amount of money.

2. Your Yard Has Green Spots

Because the average leak allows so much water to flow into the surroundings, it’s common for certain leaks to provide more water than your yard needs to sustain itself. This leads to grass that is greener than it should be, which in turn leads to certain areas of your lawn being greener than others.

Sub-utility and pool leaks are notorious for this. They may be caused by shifts in the ground, old pipe that has become worn or joints that have failed due to time or mechanical reasons.

Some green spots may reach a peak before turning into small swamps that have ever-muddy areas. This can cause the grass to “drown”, which in turn leads to areas of your lawn becoming barren.

It’s important to realize that any extreme, – barren spots or excessively green areas, – in your lawn often mean that there may be a leak.

3. Foundation Shifts

Water is one of the few things capable of moving mountains. The erosion that water causes is what ultimately causes materials like stone and concrete to crumble.

This same action can happen to foundations made of dirt, rock, concrete and so on. Erosion causes the ground to move, which in turn causes foundation shifts that can lead to cracks in walls, changes in the way doors open and close and other potential problems that relate to the way your home sits.

Water leaks tend to be one of the leading causes of these shifts. The excess water has to leave through some route, and the leaks tend to make exit paths.

These foundation shifts are not limited to your home. If you have an in-ground pool, for example, foundation shifts can cause the pool to crack. This can lead to leaks that are larger than the ones that caused the shift, which in turn can lead to more costly repairs.

4. Warm Spots on Floors

Water is an effective conductor, which means that it conducts temperature well. When an area is damp constantly, it tends to become warmer than the surrounding areas because of the difference in how air and water conducts temperature.

When your home has a hidden leak, you may notice that your floor has warm spots. These spots will continue to develop as the moisture is retained by your structure.

This effect is the more prominent in homes with concrete slab foundations because of the way that concrete slabs typically “encase” utility lines, which in turn leaves no exit for any surplus water that may have escaped your plumbing.

What Should You Do If You Notice Any of These Signs?

IF you notice any of the signs mentioned in this article, then you should immediately seek the help of a professional. Allowing water leaks to persist means that you are allowing your property to become damaged, which in turn means that you are allowing your repair bills to skyrocket as time progresses.

Leak Locators specializes in helping you to locate and repair leaks. We utilize a variety of cutting-edge and time-tested techniques designed to locate leaks accurately. We can detect everything from major leaks to small, needle-sized leaks that would eventually progress into those large leaks.

Our versatility and accuracy is what separates us from other leak detection companies. Our superb customer service driven by our commitment to our clients is what keeps our customers returning to us for all their leak detection and repair needs.

To learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.