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401k - Insurance - Paid Moving Benefits - Company Car - Paid Vacation & Holidays - AFLAC - Bonuses

Leak Locators is looking for a new Leak Detection Specialist to work on pools, plumbing and irrigation! Relocate to beautiful Raleigh, NC or one of the surrounding areas and work alongside hardworking professionals! We will help you with the move!

The position is full-time and offers many incredible benefits and stable pay.


  • Must be able to communicate well with others
  • Read and Write Reports
  • Good Hearing
  • Drug Free
  • Good Driving Record
  • Dive Pools Year-Round
  • 3+ Yeas in industry (1+ still inquire)
  • Industry Experience is a Must
  • GED or HS Diploma

Time Commitment:

Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

*Jobs within a 200-mile radius of Raleigh, NC*


$50k - 80k


Start a new life in beautiful Raleigh, NC where there is low taxes, low crime, and is one of the fastest growing cities! Raleigh and surrounding downs have great schools for kids along with amazing hunting and fishing.

In Raleigh, Research Triangle Park is the largest research park in North America and remains one of the most successful science parks across the globe.

  • 300+ Companies
  • 50k+ Workers

Opportunity is truly everywhere for you and your family in Raleigh!