above ground and inground pools

Swimming pools are designed to make living in a heated climate more bearable. They offer a way to escape the heat while remaining outside.

The problem is that they tend to lose a substantial amount of water outside of evaporation. Between 20 to 30 percent of a pool's water is lost through leaks. This represents a giant waste and a fairly large cost to pool owners.

Above-ground pools are unique in that their leaks are generally more related to shifts in the foundation below the pool. Seismic activity has less of an effect on these pools than wear and tear, but determining where a leak is can be harder than it is to determine in an in-ground pool.

Let's explore how Leak Locators can help you find leaks in your above-ground swimming pool.

How Does Above Ground Pool Leak Detection Work?

There are multiple steps when it comes to locating one or more leaks present in an above-ground swimming pool.

The first step is to verify that a pool is losing water through means other than evaporation. A tarp or another barrier should be placed securely atop the pool to see how much water is lost.

Pool Leak Detection

If too much water is lost, then the leak is verified. Something as small as a few gallons of water an hour could indicate that a major leak exists in the walls or the floor of the above-ground swimming pool. Locating these leaks requires looking at how the water flows out of the swimming pool.

Once the general area has been located, visible signs of leaking are usually the next sign we try to find. These visible signs can be used to look for damage, which in turn can help to locate where a leak resides.

Once all the potential leak spots have been located, repairs can begin on the pool. This will help you save time and money while ensuring that your above-ground swimming pool continues to operate in a functional and favorable way.

Why Worry About Leaks?

Many above-ground swimming pool owners fail to worry about leaks in their swimming pools. They simply add more water to compensate for the water their pool loses.

The problem with this is that a leaking pool can increase a person's water bill by 10 percent or more, which in turn equates to wasted money.

Let us help you locate leaks in your swimming pools and other plumbing fixtures. This can help you save money in the long run while helping to protect the precious resource that is water.

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