Swimming Pool Leaks: One Small Leak Can Evolve into a Large Problem

Swimming pools represent one of the greatest recreational luxuries that a dwelling can have. They facilitate everything from aerobic exercise to cooling off when it's too warm outside.

The problem is that swimming pools are seldom free from problems. These artificial structures experience degradation over time due to the elements, use by people and shifts in the ground. This can lead to leaks, which in turn can substantially increase a pool's operating costs while leading to further potential problems.

Let's take a closer look at the myriad of problems that a simple leak can cause to your pool to better understand how Leak Locators can help you prevent those problems.

The Problems of a Leaking Pool

Leaking pools represent one of the largest costs associated with owning a pool, which may already be somewhat costly by themselves. Pools lose an average of ¼ to ½ inches of water each day due to evaporation.

Leaking pools tend to lose significantly more. They can be one of the largest contributors to 10,000 gallons of water that the average home wastes via leaks each year.

These problems do not stop with the cost of water.

As water leaks from the pool, it tends to be absorbed by the nearby ground. Depending upon the flow rate of the leak, the location and several other unique geological factors, a small leak can act as a catalyst for the ground to shift. This can crack the liner most pools have and damage the concrete foundations that lay outside of those liners.

If the leak exists near pipes, it can do likewise. While a shift in the foundation surrounding a pool can be detrimental to the life of the pool, a shift in the plumbing can be catastrophic. It can result in the pressurized water rupturing, which can cause everything from substantially greener grass to a small swamp to develop in your lawn.

Even if ground shifting does not occur, a small leak can develop into a larger one. As water flows pas the concrete of a pool, it will erode the concrete. This is why pool leaks tend to start small and even rather large.

What Can Leak Locators Do About Pool Leaks?

The solution to a pool leak can be as simple as fixing the hole that caused the leak. This is generally the cheapest and most effective way to stop a leak.

At Leak Locators, we utilize a variety of cutting-edge techniques and tested methodologies to diagnose any leaks that may exist in your pool. This allows us to quickly and easily locate even the smallest of leaks, which in turn helps us to reach the most economical and effective solutions possible.

For smaller holes in the lining or the concrete of a pool, we can repair these problems. By sealing these leak locations, we can prevent them from developing into problems that can require significantly more work to correct.

Larger leaks can be fixed using similar methods while applying our expertise to locate other secondary cracks that may have developed in the pool's structure due to foundation shifts, erosion and so on.

Leaks that exist in the plumbing of the pool can be diagnosed in similar ways. We can solder and glue leaky joints, replace eroded and failing pipes, and replace other failing plumbing components that could cause leaks.

Don't Let Your Swimming Pool Leaks Become a Big Problem

Swimming pool leaks tend to inevitably become larger due to the situation their qualities. This is why a small leak will often become a large leak that has a sizable repair bill associated with it.

If you suspect that your pool may be leaking, then do not hesitate to contact Leak Locator Services. We specialize in providing cost-effective leak location and repair services in North Carolina. Call us at (919) 376-9203 or use our online form to schedule an appointment today.