Easily find a leak before digging

Perhaps your home has an irrigation system that has a leak but you have no idea where it's located. There is an underground water pipe leaking somewhere but there is no visible sign of where the point of origin might be. Is there any way to pinpoint and locate the leak before digging? Yes! Leak Locator Services has specialized underground leak detection equipment that allows us to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. State of the art underground water leak detection equipment is sensitive and very accurate. If this scenario sound like your situation contact us today! We also specialize in the following leak location services:

* Pool / Spa / Foundations
* Pool Inspections
* Irrigation
* Sewer Camera and Utility Location
* Sub-Utility Water Supply
* Source and Origins
* High Water Bill Inspections
* Slab leak detection
* Swimming pool crack inspections
* Swimming pool leak detection
* Fountain leak detection

Schedule an appointment today and allow our team to detect and repair your leak as quickly as possible.