Leak Locators has provided professional leak location and leak repair services to the residents of Cary, North Carolina for over thirty years. When your pool, septic system or water supply springs a leak, not only does it cost you money, it also begins to immediately damage the structural integrity of every surface that water touches. An untreated leak can rust metal away, rot wood, calcify your piping or cause a sinkhole, which has swallowed entire homes after enough land is washed away by leaking underwater pipes.
With so much at risk, it doesn’t make sense to delay investigating a leaking pipe or faulty valve. We have repaired and replaced thousands of plumbing systems over the last 30 years and would love the chance to prove why we have been in business so long.

The only way to combat a leaking pipe system is to call in an expert immediately to find the leak or leaks, assess the damage and repair it right the first time. Leak Locators is a complete leak location and repair company. We will inspect your pool, spa, well, or septic system and conduct a thorough inspection to find the leak and ensure there are no other problems, like structural issues. All of our servicemen are trained and have all the tools needed to be able to locate your leak and fix it on site, all on the same day.

If you have a leak or suspect you may have a leak in your Cary home or business, contact the professionals at Leak Locators by calling 919-376-9203 . No leak is too big or small for Leak Locators to fix it

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