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Chapel Hill

For over 30 years Leak Locators has been locating and repair leaks in pools, spas, water supplies, sewers, irrigation systems and fountains for residents of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. If you have a leak or suspect you may have a leak in your home or business, you need to call the experts at Leak Locators. No job is too big or small for us to handle
Anyone who owns a swimming pool knows that keeping it in perfect working order takes a lot of work. A leak in your pool could cost you hundreds of extra dollars in water bills each year and cause significant damage to the ground and surfaces near the pool. It is very difficult to detect a slow leak in a pool unless you notice an area around the pool getting and staying wet, or that the water level is dropping at an unnatural speed. This is why calling Leak Locators is a worth while investment.

In reality, pool water leaks can be a huge problem. Even a very slow leak can do a great deal of damage if it isn't caught and repaired. Common pool leaks include problems with drains, leaks in the pool's structure, pipe leaks, skimmer, and broken/cracked return lines. The good news is that once we have identified the problem, we can quickly make the repair.

We are also experts at repairing spas, fountains, irrigation systems, sewers, water supplies, wells and more. Keep in mind that when you call Leak Locators, you are calling a company that:

Has a great reputation
Guarantees their work
Is Experienced
Provides estimates before starting work
Doesn't charge hidden fees

When you contact us, one of our experiences leak location professionals will visit you within one business and locate where your system is leaking are and repair it the same day. Please call us directly at 919-376-9203 to speak to an expert.

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