Don’t Let Small Leaks Turn into Big Problems

Water leaks tend to be one of the most costly plumbing problems, especially when you consider their effects over an extended period of time. They can create numerous issues that will damage your home, your yard and, most of all, your wallet.

The reason leaks have such an impact is because they are seldom easily detectable. The majority of leaks exist in a state where they slowly leak water into the surrounding area, which means that it can be difficult to notice them. This is what allows them to cause the type of damage that can ruin the foundation of homes and so on until catastrophic failure occurs.

Let’s take a closer look at how leaks can exist within your home without being noticed.

Leaks Exist, With or Without Your Knowledge

The typical house loses around 3,000 gallons of water each year from leaks that are no larger than a tiny trickle of intermittent droplets. This is because this water continues to leak through bad faucets, worn o-ring seals or fractured pipes.

These leaks are the worst because they can exist without your knowledge. It’s like a slow loss that you will not realize until you closely examine your system or something catastrophic happens.

By the time plumbing finally does fail, it tends to do so in an explosive way due to the pressurized nature of water plumbing. This leads to burst pipes, loud noises in the middle of the night, and water damage that can take years to repair. Some homes may gain a uniquely damp smell that persists for years, which in turn can harm the resale value of your home and make living substantially less comfortable than it should be.

The good news is that it is easy for an experience leak detection service to not only see that your home has a leak, but also to pinpoint where that leak is. We can use our experience to assess the condition of planned exit points for water and the plumbing that connects the incoming water to those taps.

The mistake you should avoid is the one that goes along the adage of “Hear no leaks, see no leaks, pay for every leak.” Just because you don’t actively realize that you have a leak doesn’t mean there aren’t multiple points where your home’s plumbing may leak.

Leaks are a Growing Problem

The nature of your water supply is that it exists in a pressurized environment. This is because the water needs to be forced from the supply to your faucet.

If you, for example, enjoy showers that have high pressure, that means that your plumbing experiences higher internal pressures. If a leak exists, then this will force more water out of the plumbing, which in turn means that more water will leave the system, and the leak itself will tend to develop into a worse one than it was originally.

If the leak exists within the foundation of a slab house, this means that it will inevitably cause catastrophic damage to the foundation. Once the foundation gives, the plumbing that is entrenched in the foundation will also rupture.

This leads to costly excavations and repairs, which means that finding your leaks before they cause catastrophic damage is key to mitigating the damage they can cause. This can be done by painstakingly tearing up your home’s foundation, excavating plumbing, and inspecting these materials for points of failure; or this can be done by using advanced imaging techniques and the right knowledge.

Don’t Let Leaks Ruin Your Home or Wallet

Leaks have the potential to ruin your home and your wallet. The pressurized water that sprays forth will only grow as it’s left unchecked, which in turn leads to waste and water damage that can both be more costly than most home owners desire.

The best way to prevent the damage that leaks can cause is to solve leaks while they are small.

This is where Leak Locators enters the scene. We can look for the presence of leaks in your home by using various tools and logical operations. We can then d3etermine the exact location of any leaks, which in turn will allow us to pinpoint these problems no matter how large or small they may be.

Once the leaks are located, we can repair them using a variety of techniques. We can excavate the problematic plumbing to patch it if it is in good condition, or we can replace the entire line using advanced methods of plumbing repair.

When you’re ready to save money on your bill by eliminating excessive water consumption, whether that means fixing the plumbing under your home or stopping leaks to your backyard pool, contact us at Leak Locators. We specialize in these repairs, which in turn means that we can swiftly and easily solve your home’s leaks.

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