For the last three decades Leak Locators has been offering the residents of Durham, North Carolina with professional leak location services for commercial and residential customers. If your water bill is higher than usual, you more than likely have a leak in the piping of your pools, septic tanks, sub-utility water supplies or irrigation system.
Sometimes leaks are easy to detect, such as leaky faucets or showers. However, there are many times when a homeowner or business owner has a water leak and they do not even know it. Unfortunately, this can cause a spike in the water bill and even cause significant water damage to the structure of the home or business – or in a worst case scenario can cause a sink hole to appear if left untreated long enough.

Durham residents who think that they may have a hidden water leak in their home or business can perform a quick test to check. Start by turning off all the water in the building and advise everyone in the building not to use any water for 30 minutes. Next, locate the water meter that is typically connected to the outside of the home or business, and write down the number. Check back in exactly 30 minutes to see if the number on the meter has changed. Any changes in the number could indicate a leak within the home or business.

Once you determine that a leak is present, whether you know where the leak is located or not, your next step should be to call a professional leak detection company to resolve the problem before serious damage to the building occurs. Leak Locators has the right tools and equipment to find leaks that may be hidden behind walls, under cement, or any other place. Call us at 919-376-9203 now

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