Fountain Leak Detection Services in North Carolina

A fountain in your garden or landscape adds a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere to your North Carolina home or business environment. But worrying about a fountain leak can take away the joy of owning and enjoying a fountain.

Over time, a plumbing leak in a fountain can lead to costly water bills and damage to nearby landscaping, structures, roads, driveways, and paths.

If you suspect your fountain is leaking water, it might be time for consulting with a fountain leak detection specialist who can quickly locate and repair the problem.

Fountain Leak Detection Specialists

A plumbing leak detection specialist understands the plumbing systems, pumps, filters, and other components used in all types of fountains. Diagnosing a problem with water loss from a fountain system involves looking at all components of the fountain and determining the source of the problem.

A fountain leak detection specialist also needs to know how to design and implement a lasting solution when making repairs to a leaky fountain. Having the right equipment, tools, and trained workers is another part of leak repair work.

Why Fountains Leak

Fountains naturally lose some water as they are running due to evaporation and splashing. The rate of evaporation changes over time, depending on the season, air temperature, wind conditions, and humidity at the location.

If a fountain is running and seems to be losing more water than can be accounted for by evaporation, call in the experts. Because it is very likely an undetected leak in the fountain or adjacent plumbing may be the culprit.

A leak in a fountain may become evident if you turn off the fountain and see water quickly disappearing from the basin or pool. If leaks are in another part of the system, detecting the leak may be more difficult.

Leaks in fountains happen for a variety of reasons:

  • Leaks and corrosion in water lines and fittings
  • Small or large cracks in fountain surfaces
  • Damage or failure of fountain liner
  • Failure at connections between the fountain, plumbing lines, pump, and filters.

A leak detection specialist looks for leaks and other problems in all parts of a fountain system. Including underground water leaks.

Fountain water leak detection specialists inspect the area around the fountain, pump, filter, and plumbing lines visually for signs of water loss. A specialist can also test the soil for evidence of subsurface water accumulation and subsidence.

Wet areas on the surrounding ground, buckling of surfaces, and cracks in pavements are other signs a fountain repair specialist looks for when diagnosing a problem during fountain leak detection.

A plumbing leak detection specialist can also pressurize plumbing lines to check for leaks in hoses, pipes, and seals.

Repairing Fountain Leaks

After going through the steps of fountain leak detection, a leak specialist decides on a course of action to fix the problem. A portion of this plan is to ensure the  repaired area blends into the surroundings areas.

If the fountain itself is leaking, the best solution for repair is contingent upon the material it’s made of.

These include:

  • Concrete
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass
  • Resin Castings

The repair method and products must match the materials used in the construction of the fountain.

Before working on fountain repairs, a leak specialist must turn off power to the system and disconnect electrical lines.

Repair may require fountain water leak repair specialists to drain the water from the fountain or pond. This is done in order to thoroughly clean surfaces in need of repair. As well as when replacing fountain and pond liners.

Leak specialists can repair cracks and chips in concrete fountains by grinding out the crack to receive a concrete patching product and smoothing, surfacing, and painting the surface to match the surrounding material.

Resin and fiberglass fountains can be repaired with two-part resin glues and fiberglass matting materials if needed.  Fountain leak repair specialists utilize sealants and liners to create a new waterproof surface.

The surface of the fountain or pond may need special treatment to highlight hairline cracks. Upon identifying, specialists fill and or seal the hairline cracks. After the repair is complete, many fountain repair jobs require a coat of durable paint.

Fountain Leak Detection in Raleigh, NC

If you are the owner of a leaky fountain and you need the assistance of a fountain leak specialist, contact Leak Locators at (919)376-9203 in the Raleigh, NC Triangle area, or (910) 284-7154 in the Wilmington, NC area.

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