Experienced Fountain Leak Detection Wilmington NC

Leak Locators: Experienced Fountain Leak Detection

Do you own or maintain a fountain? To help safeguard your residential, business, or institutional fountains against harm posed by undetected leaking, contact Leak Locators in the Greater Wilmington, North Carolina Area. We offer experienced and comprehensive fountain leak detection Wilmington NC.

Fountain Leaks: A Source of Concern

Fountains bring joy to many people. These decorative structures perform an important aesthetic role. Small backyard fountains and artificial waterfalls help showcase the loveliness of their surroundings. Magnificent institutional or corporate fountains located in the center of plazas or near the entrances of office buildings enhance business parks, campuses, museums and galleries in unique and charming ways. Every fountain offers distinctive features which endear it to the people who enjoy its beauty.

These lovely structures continuously recirculate water during normal operation. Unfortunately, just like other construction projects which depend upon underground water pipes, fountains sometimes develop leaks. Even comparatively minute leaks may eventually produce significant water losses over the course of time. A damaged, leaking fountain may contribute to seeping or dampness (and mold growth) in adjoining basements. Additionally, the loss of water volume ultimately diminishes the fountain’s spray and increases operating costs. To prevent this type of water waste, consider using professional fountain leak detection services on a regular basis.

Obtain Skilled, Experienced Fountain Leak Detection Services

Leak Locators specializes in identifying and repairing many different types of water leaks. We offer experienced fountain leak detection assistance. Our work helps our customers prevent or curb wasteful water losses through early detection. Ask us to inspect your fountain to determine whether or not it requires leak repair services.

We carefully and thoroughly inspect fountains. Leak Locators possesses the technical expertise and resources to assist customers with fountains of different sizes. Our technicians examine the fountain walls, seals and drains, and any associated plumbing fixtures, including pumps and tubing. We also evaluate the condition of interior lining systems and check for evidence of water pooling or draining along the perimeter or base of the fountain. We recommend customers seek fountain inspections as regular intervals to ensure the performance of prompt repair services, as necessary.

Dependable Fountain Leak Repair Services

Our company offers assistance repairing many types of fountain leaks. As specialists in leak detection, we utilize cutting edge diagnostic and repair tools. By locating and repairing leaks promptly, property owners ensure they maintain fountains in good working condition. If our technicians cannot repair a leak for you, we’ll refer the problem to a licensed specialist to ensure you obtain satisfactory results.

Repairing fountain leaks on a timely basis offers at least three important benefits, in addition to preventing unnecessary wasteful water losses. First, you’ll ensure your fountain does not suffer from water leaks which impair its daily performance. Obtain the full value of your investment by ensuring your fountain continues to operate correctly. Second, our repair services help prevent fountain leaks from causing water damage in adjoining locations. A continuously leaking fountain may promote wet ground conditions which facilitate problems in nearby structures. Safeguard the integrity of slabs, basements and landscaping features by keeping your fountains in good shape! Third, in some situations fountains adjoin the real estate of other property owners. If an adjacent landowner ever alleges damage caused by water leaks from your fountain, the ability to document regular fountain inspection and prompt leak repair services may prove important.

Further Information

To request further information about our fountain leak detection and repair services, or to set up an initial service appointment, simply contact us. We assist customers throughout Wilmington, NC and its environs. Let the experienced technicians of Leak Locators help you enjoy more carefree fountain ownership!

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