Fuquay Varina

Fuquay Varina

Leak Locators has been providing expert Leak Location and Repair services to residents of Fuquay Varina, North Carolina for over thirty years. We are experts at locating and repairing leaks in pools, spas, water supplies, sewers, irrigation systems, fountains and more.
Most homeowners or business owners don’t notice that they have a leak until they notice their water bill has increased sharply or they notice a stain or wet spot in a spot that was previously dry. Pipes can degrade over the years as lead and solder breaks away or when small earthquakes crack pipes or joints. Sometimes a pipe can leak for years before anyone notices, and leaks usually aren’t noticed until after serious damage is already done to walls, floors, ceilings, wiring or pools.

If you notice a leak or suspect that a pipe may be leaking behind a wall, under a floor or under cement, don’t hesitate to contact us. Upon arriving at your Fuquay Varina home or business we will use our state-of-the-art equipment to locate the exact spot of your leak(s). Then we will gain access to that spot (or spots) by carefully removing cement, walls or flooring. Then we will properly repair or replace your piping and test it to ensure it will not leak. Finally, we replace any walls, flooring or cement we may have had to remove.

The final result is a beautiful plumbing system with no leaks. We would love the opportunity to prove to you why we are Fuquay Varina’s top leak location company. You can contact us at any time by dialing 919-376-9203

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