For the past 30 years Leak Locators has been providing professional leak location and repair services for pools, spas, water supplies, sewers, irrigation systems and fountains in the city of Greenville, North Carolina. If you suspect your home or business has a leak in your piping and your water bill is higher than normal, you need to call Leak Locators right away. There is no leak that is too big or small for us to fix.
We will begin by sending out a certified Leak Detection professional to your home and business to assess the situation. Using our state-of-the-art tools and equipment we can locate the precise location of your leak or leaks, whether they're outside, behind a wall or underneath cement. Next, we will access the leak location and repair the damage caused by the water. Finally, we will replace the piping and repair any walls or cement that was in the way of the leak.

Any water leak can be a huge headache for the owner. An untreated leak not only costs you hundreds of extra dollars per year in water bills, but it can also cause mold, rot, rust, odors, warping, collapse, or sinkholes to happen to your home or business. Calling Leak Locators is a worthwhile investment to save the structural integrity of your building.

Once you call us, we will arrive at your home or business within one business day of your call and one of our professionals will locate and fix your leak(s) the same day. Please call us anytime by dialing 919-376-9203

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