How to Spot Underground Leaks — Before They Become a Problem

Water leaks can take place anywhere and at any time on your property. In the case of water on your residential property, it can occur flow beneath the house. However, the fact that the leak has occurred beneath the ground does not mean that it cannot be easily located and fixed. Plumbers and homeowners can use a number of methods to detect the presence of an underground leak from the main water supply found in a residential property.

Water Meter

Checking the Water Meter

If you truly believe that there is a leak somewhere in your house, or you’re are interested in establishing whether you have a leak or not, the first thing you need to do is check the home water meter. Start by confirming that there is no running water in your residence. All faucets and water sources including refrigerator ice makers, tank toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines should be shut off.

If there is a fixture that is currently using water, it could inadvertently lead you to believe that there is a leak in your property. Running toilets are the primary culprits for these kinds of mistakes. Once this is done, check the meter dial to confirm its position. Wait for at least 30 minutes before checking again.

If you notice that the dial has changed its position, it means that there is a leak present which should be fixed immediately. Even though pipe leaks occurring beneath the residence floors are rare, they are still a possibility. Underground leaks in a home mainly occur when the house ground levels are raised during construction and then filled in using concrete.

Monitoring the Water Bill

Another technique you can use to detect a leak is to keep your eyes on the water bill. If your home has been using a constant water supply but the bill suddenly starts to rise by the month, it may be a good idea to have it inspected for an underground leak. Note that the water bills are primarily based on the metered water. This is the water that passes through your water meter each month. Therefore, if the water service line down the street is broken, this will not affect the monthly water bill in any way.

Keep a Close Eye on the Property

Keeping a close eye on your property and home is another way to check for any signs of underground leaking. Be on the lookout for random water pools that have suddenly started appearing on your property. A leak can be signified by the sudden appearance of lush spots all over the yard. It can also be shown when you start noticing mold growth or the presence of a musty smell in your house. All these are indications that there is a leak somewhere on the property.

There are two important things that you should note when it comes to leaks:

Keep in mind that not all underground leaks could be coming from your main water supply line. Leaks could also be caused by the presence of a broken drain line. A leak in the main house sewer could also cause pools of water to start forming. If you suspect that the leak is indeed coming from the main water supply line, the professionals at Leak Locators can perform a dye test to further narrow down the options.

Another thing to consider is that a majority of the underground leaks often start as tiny trickles and not as a major break as you may initially assume. It is best to catch the underground leak when it is in its early stages before it can start damaging your property or cause a service interruption.

Underground Water Leak Detection

If you are convinced that there is a leak present in your household, then it will be a good idea to have a professional examine it immediately. Only professional underground water leak detection experts, such as those at Leak Locators, are best suited to carry out a definitive leak test. The detector will also be able to assist you in correcting any water problems that you could be experiencing in your house.

At Leak Locators, we accomplish this by using a blend of specialty tools and our years of expertise. Specialty tools include sound devices, and in rare cases, a dye test may need to be carried out by testing holes made after all the other methods have failed. Since these tools are often not something the average homeowner would have laying around, this is why its critical to contact Leak Locators to get your underground leak issues solved quickly and correctly. Call (919) 376 – 9203 Today to speak with us!