Irrigation Leak Detection

Irrigation is one of the many modern conveniences that make tedious tasks easier to perform. In-ground sprinklers make it possible to water your lawn on a regular basis without direct interaction from you, which in turn allows you to remain unscathed by the outside elements while keeping your lawn green.

The problem is that no irrigation is infallible. Frost is a common reason that even the most robust and expensive irrigation systems spring an unintended leak.

The worst part is that an irrigation system with a leak of 1/32nd of an inch in diameter can waste over 6,300 gallons of water monthly.

Let's examine how irrigation leak detection works, and how it might save you a large amount of trouble.

How Does Irrigation Leak Detection Work?

Our irrigation leak detection service goes through a number of steps designed to accurately determine where irrigation leaks exist. This process is designed to make repair easier, which in turn can help you save a substantial amount of money.

The first step is to look for any visible signs of leakage. This can include standing water, lush green grass, soft spots in the soil and so on. While these signs may not always be present, they mark a good indication of where larger leaks exist.

The next step is to try to look for smaller leaks. This requires closing your irrigation system to test the pressure. We can then examine potentially problematic areas, such as pipe joints and sprinkler heads.

The last step is to confirm the leaks. This requires excavating the soil. This step typically comes directly before the leaking irrigation is fixed. It also requires the most labor, which in turn is why minimizing the amount of excavation tends to save you costs when repairing your irrigation system.

Prevent Problems with Irrigation Leak Detection

Leaks can cause everything from soil erosion to shifts in your home's foundation. That's why it's often best to pursue irrigation leak detection before you try anything else.

Our irrigation leak detection service is designed to save you money by narrowing the area where a leak might occur. This results in smaller repairs, a better understanding of why a leak happened, and less time to repair any deteriorated irrigation plumbing.

The biggest advantage of our leak detection service is the way we can save you money when the temperatures drop again. Leaky irrigation tends to get worse because of the physics behind water as it freezes, which in turn means that leaks tend to get progressively larger with each passing year.

When you're ready to find and fix your irrigation system leaks for good,

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