Irrigation System Leak Detection Services

Leak Locators Offers Irrigation System Leak Detection Services

Your lawn in the Greater Wilmington, North Carolina Area plays an important role in shaping the first impression your home makes on visitors. If you own an in-ground sprinkler irrigation system, ask Leak Locators to assist you in maintaining this equipment in efficient operating condition. Don’t allow undetected water leaks to waste water and increase your monthly utility bills!

We offer important irrigation system leak locating services. Request periodic inspections to help ensure leaks don’t soak your lawn or create soggy conditions around your home’s foundation, slab, or basement. Pooled water collecting near these sites ultimately poses serious problems for homeowners. Additionally, continuously wet ground conditions in North Carolina adversely affect residential landscaping and lawns. If a sprinkler system leaks, water reaches some locations in excessive quantities. Low water pressure along damaged branches of the system may not adequately irrigate some spots in the yard.

Some Causes of Sprinkler Irrigation System Water Leaks

Leaks occur in underground irrigation systems for many different reasons. In some cases, a property owner acquires a property with an existing underground sprinkler system which has not received regular maintenance attention in the past. If water freezes inside underground pipes during cold weather, it will expand in size. Ice can rupture metal or plastic irrigation pipes, resulting in leaks after thaws. Additionally, growing tree roots sometimes invade buried pipes (including irrigation pipes). 

Even well-maintained irrigation systems sometimes grow brittle and deteriorate over the course of time. Plastic seals or tubing may crack, allowing water to seep through connections and joints. A variety of factors ultimately contribute to the development of leaks. 

Enjoy a Leak-Free Sprinkler Irrigation System With Our Help

By maintaining you sprinkler irrigation system in a leak-free condition, you’ll make certain you know exactly how much water it delivers to every portion of your lawn and garden. Leaking underground sprinkler systems sometimes produce surprisingly high water losses. It makes little sense to invest in automated programmable water delivery control regulators unless you also keep the underground pipes and elevated spray nozzles in the irrigation system operating efficiently. You want to deliver water in controlled amounts to specific locations you designate.

If you’ve noticed higher than anticipated monthly water bills after installing one of these convenient water conservation devices, then you might benefit by asking Leak Locators to inspect your system for possible leaks. We specialize in water leak detection. Our service helps customers in Wilmington and surrounding communities maintain efficient, leak-free lawn sprinkler irrigation systems. 

Our Irrigation Leak Detection Services

Our technicians have obtained extensive training in water leak detection. We employ the latest technology to help us locate underground water leaks. We offer skilled inspections to help ascertain whether or not leaks exist within an existing lawn sprinkler irrigation system, or not. 

If we suspect the presence of a leak (or leaks), we check water pressure carefully at different points within the system. Our work enables us to identify the site of potential problems accurately. Only during the final stage of this process do we excavate to physically pinpoint leaks. We take these precautions to minimize the disruption of the grounds.

Fast Leak Repairs

Leak Locators supplies rapid repair services to fix lawn sprinkler irrigation system leaks. Frequently, the locations where pipes join together become sites of unintended water losses. Above ground spray nozzles also often develop leaks. In the worst case scenario, an underground sprinkler pipe corrodes or cracks (this situation may contribute to significant water losses during the course of a single summer).

We’ll supply skilled sprinkler irrigation system repairs for you as rapidly as possible. We make every effort to minimize your inconvenience during our work. Our technicians will re-bury underground pipes after providing repair or replacement services; we tidy up outdoor work sites after every assignment. 

Enjoy Elegant Lawns And Grounds With Our Help!

Leak Locators assists homeowners, businesses and institutions in maintaining leak-free lawn irrigation systems. Use our services to obtain the optimal value from your investment in your real estate and grounds. We’ll help you control water bills by locating and fixing large (and small) water leaks!

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