Lay Leaks to Rest with Leak Locators


A leaky faucet: one of the most visible and irritating plumbing problems you can have. What happens, though, when all the leaky faucets have been fixed and you’re still getting water bills that are sky high? You could call someone who might guess at the problem and offer a fix that probably won’t fix it. Or, you can call Leak Locators and get the problem fixed correctly, the first time, for a long time.

Leak Locators combines sophisticated technology and techniques with experienced and caring professionals to tackle the problems that other companies can’t even see, much less correct. These problems include underground leaks, swimming pool leaks, and slab leaks. Each of these types of leaks can end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in wasted water and other repairs, and, so, need to be addressed in a way that gets to the root of the problem, instead of simply addressing the symptoms of the problem.

One of our specialties is sub-utility leak detection. These lines present unique challenges in that they’re underground, are typically made of weaker materials than the main water service line, and can even be routed in unconventional ways, as they supply pools, backyard gardens, or guest homes co-located with the main structure on a property. As these lines don’t carry as much supply, they also aren’t as large, making their location more difficult to detect. When we seek to locate a leak, we first look for visible signs on the surface, such as areas where the grass is unusually green, or the ground has obviously shifted. Using these hints to narrow down our search area, we then use advanced tools such as radar and pressure tests to pinpoint the location of the leak, in order to begin repairs. This commitment to accuracy ensures the issue will be fixed more quickly, and less expensively, than if the exact location of the leak wasn’t precisely known.

Another field where our commitment to accuracy can save you money is in swimming pool leak detection. Swimming pools, especially in-ground pools, have many working parts including the foundation, liner, pumps, supply lines, and filter, that keep them running smoothly. The problem with this is that, when there is a leak, it can be difficult to determine where the leak is occurring. Is there a leaky supply line, or is there a crack in the foundation? Only with rigorous inspection can the source of the leak be positively determined, and so we use extra care to ensure that we have definitively identified the problem before beginning any repairs, potentially saving you hundreds in wasted labor and parts costs.

As part of this commitment, we don’t just take an up-close look at the pump system, but we literally dive right in to inspect the foundation of your pool inch-by-inch. Using scuba gear and wetsuits, we can remain in the water while we inspect the bottom and sides of the pool for cracks which may be leaking water to the surrounding ground. Not only do these leaks waste thousands of gallons of water and cost you hundreds of dollars during a typical summer, they can also compromise the integrity of your pool’s foundation, eventually leading to failure and collapse. While potentially devastating, these types of leaks are also often the most overlooked, as diving into a swimming pool and checking for underwater cracks is definitely not something included in the scope of most plumbers’ inspections. By determining where the leak is and having the right tools to fix it, you can begin enjoying your pool once again, instead of worrying about why your water bill keeps going up.

Another area that benefits from our detailed inspections is slab leaks. For anyone living in a slab home, a water leak can represent one of the most potentially costly problems you will face. As the supply lines are often encased in the foundation itself, leaks can be tricky to locate, and, without proper investigation, costly and disruptive to fix. At Leak Locators, we want to save you as much money as possible by first ensuring a leak actually exists. We first check to make sure there are no leaks in any visible portions of the plumbing. Obviously, a leak here would be much easier to repair, so we start here to then narrow down the source of the problem. If it still happens that the leak is in the foundation, we use advanced resources to precisely locate the source of the leak so that nothing except what’s absolutely essential needs to be disturbed in your home. By taking more time beforehand, you not only save on costs directly related to repairing the leak, but also on repairing the other furnishings that have to be removed to get to the supply line. Whatever the case, however, if you suspect you have a leak in your slab foundation, don’t hesitate to get us involved, as time lost could lead to more costly repairs, and further endanger the structural integrity of your home.

Our attention to detail extends to the care and respect we give to each of our customers. We know our reputation depends on the level of satisfaction our customers receive from a job well done, so you can be sure that every job we do is done to the highest quality, for the lowest possible cost, to achieve the best result. You deserve nothing less. In Raleigh, call Leak Locators today at (919) 376 – 9203