Leak Detection Process


Water Line Leak Detection

Our leak detection process includes pressure testing water lines from the building to the meter (see photos on right). Leak Locators has the equipment, training and resources to pin-point the leak within 3 feet of the exact location to determine where to dig to correct the problem, saving valuable time and money.

Underwater leak Detection

Leak Locators dive into pools or spas to thoroughly inspect them for structural issues (see animation below). Leak Locators has the resources to identify and repair structural leaks on the job site (picture of the hole at the light). Our job is to help the customer continue their season without continued water loss. Leak Locators makes professional and cost-saving recommendations to customers to insure the stability and longevity of their water system.

 Leak Detection Process

These services (and more) are available by Leak Locators. Call Leak Locators today at (919) 376-9203 or fill out the form here.

To learn more about the leak detection repair process, click here.


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