Do You Need a Leak Detection Specialist or a Plumber: What’s the Difference?

If your North Carolina home or business has a problem with leaking water, think twice before picking up your phone.  Do you need a plumber? Or is what you really need actually a leak detection specialist? But isn’t a plumber a person who specializes in water leaks and plumbing repairs? What is the difference between a regular plumber and a leak detection specialist?

The Difference between a Leak Detection Specialist and a Plumber

A plumber and a leak detection expert both have extensive knowledge about the installation and repair of plumbing pipes. Still, these two professions are not precisely the same.


Plumbers install water pipes in new and existing homes and commercial buildings. These fresh water pipes then bring fresh water to sinks, washing machines, water heaters, and pools.

They also install water-related fixtures such as kitchen sinks, bathroom basins, toilets, and hot water heaters. And plumbers know how to install drain lines and vent pipes to carry away wastewater to the sewer.

Some plumbers also fix leaky faucets and make other repairs to plumbing systems. This is why people often confuse plumbers with specialists in leak detection and repair.

Leak Detection Specialists

A leak detection specialist is a sub-specialty in the plumbing trades. Leak detection specialists have extensive knowledge about how plumbing systems operate. They also have specialized tools, equipment, and know-how for finding hidden leaks and repairing them most efficiently and economically.


If your Fayetteville, Durham, or Raleigh Residential or Commercial Property has a Hidden Water Leak……

Who Do You Call?

Leak Locators 


Specialized Tool Kit of Leak Detection Specialists

That is if you want someone who can find the source of the problem and fix it as quickly as possible. Leak detection specialists have the right tools for pinpointing the source of a water leak under a house, under a concrete driveway, or inside a swimming pool and any other hidden area in and around a home or business.

These tools include equipment for:

  • Pressurizing water lines and water meters to detect the presence of a leak
  • Special saws for cutting pipes without extensive digging
  • Electronic listening devises for hearing escaping water or air in a water line under concrete or below a wood or tile floor
  • Waterproof listening devises for hearing leaks in pools
  • Infra-red thermal detection equipment to see escaping water under a solid surface
  • Unique mirrors for seeing into tight spaces where a leak could be happening

Without these specialized leak detection tools and equipment, a regular plumber may have to do extensive tearing out, digging, or crawling around under the building to locate the source of a hidden leak. Extra work results in a higher cost.

A trained and experienced leak detection expert can get the job done much more efficiently by using these specialty tools and equipment for quickly locating and repairing the leak.

Small Leaks Can Lead to Large Water Bills

Locating the area that needs repair may be easy. For instance, a pipe under your kitchen sink bursts and water is pouring out all over the floor. However, if you notice your water bill soaring but don’t see any obvious signs of water, it can be much harder to figure out what is going on.

One common type of hard-to-detect leak is a pinhole leak in a water line under the house, behind a wall, or below ground outside.

These leaks happen when a small area of a pipe or a pipe fitting becomes corroded over time, and a jet of water finally springs through the hole. Even though a pinhole leak is small, a tremendous amount of water can leak out over days, weeks, or months, running up astronomical water bills.

Finding a leak like this can be a challenge unless you have some of the specialized tools-of-the trade possessed by a leak detection service.

A pinhole leak can often be located by using a listening device wand attached to a set of headphones. The operator hovers the wand over the floor or ground, listening for a specific sound indicating a water leak.

Industry specific tools aid leak detection specialists to clearly define with much accuracy the water leak location. The repair then requires the removal of less flooring, concrete, or soil to fix the problem. Leak detection specialists also employ trained tradesmen for repairing and patching concrete, flooring, and walls, so the repaired area blends in with the surrounding material.

Hiring a Leak Detection Specialist in North Carolina

Leak Locators, Inc. in Clayton, NC, is a leading expert with 30 years of experience in finding and repairing hidden water leaks. Leaks of all types in & around, as well as underneath residential and commercial properties and buildings.

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