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Leak Locators Offers Invaluable Services to Property Owners

Underground leaks, also commonly referred to as sub utility leaks, do not affect all homeowners, but when they do occur, their presence can be quite problematic. Underground leaks are usually discovered on properties where sewer and water lines must run to outbuildings or swimming pool areas that are separated from the primary residential structure. These include guest homes, pool houses, backyard gardens and similar areas.

Water lines of this type are typically weaker than standard utility lines, and therefore easily become problematic, especially if they are damaged from shifting ground, tree roots, or simply wear out over time. Because they are located underground, it can be very challenging for a homeowner to detect a leak of this kind. In addition, the repair of a sub utility leak is not a good DIY project, and any property owner faced with an issue of this type should contact a professional.

How Sub Utility Leaks are Detected

Leaks that occur underground are often difficult to isolate, as they generally produce no overt signs when they initially begin. Therefore, homeowners must know how to identify important signs of a potential leak. In this way, the leak can be discovered and repaired before damage occurs that may cost thousands of dollars to repair. Below are some signs of a sub utility leak:

Excessive Amounts of Water in the Soil

If a sub utility leak exists on a person’s property, he or she will notice that the soil surrounding the leak is excessively saturated with water. This may manifest through extraordinarily lush, healthy grass, even when it is not being watered by the property owner. If a hole is dug in the soil above an underground leak, it immediately fills itself with water. If this occurs, it is virtually guaranteed that a sub utility leak is present.

Loss of Water Pressure

If a sudden loss of water pressure is experienced from a pipe that supplies water to a swimming pool or pool house shower, a sub utility leak may be underway. The loss of pressure in just one fixture is not necessarily indicative of such a leak: however, if there is lower water pressure overall, a leak of this type may be the culprit. In certain cases, a person may also notice weak water pressure in the primary residential structure on the property.

Sudden Basement Moisture Problems

If a homeowner’s basement was previously dry, but suddenly developed a moisture problem, there may be a sub utility leak originating on the property on one side of the dwelling. However, a sewer or drain problem is likely the cause if the moisture appears only during or after rain showers.

Unexplained High Water Bills

Most homeowners find their water bills somewhat consistent from one month to the next, with the exception of obvious activities that may temporarily increase a specific month’s bill. However, if a sudden spike in a person’s water bill is noticed over a period of 30 to 60 days, the presence of a leak must be suspected. Therefore, any water usage increase that cannot be explained by the expansion of household size or lifestyle changes should be regarded as a sign of an underground leak.

Sinking or Heaving of Soil Surrounding the Home

If the soil surrounding the dwelling becomes excessively saturated with water, it leads to destabilization. The latter often causes the home’s surrounding pavements to crack or heave. In addition, sinkholes for which there is no legitimate explanation may develop on the property.

Why Sub Utility Leaks Should be Repaired as Soon as Possible

Underground leaks that are ignored always worsen over time. This can lead to a significant amount of lost money for the homeowner. For example, a sub utility leak involving an in-ground irrigation system can lead to over 6,000 gallons of wasted water on a monthly basis.

Additionally, broken pipes and shifts in structural foundations may also occur, which are very costly to fix. Quickly and effectively repairing underground leaks is the best way to prevent these and other problems.

Leak Locators

Leak Locators offers commercial and residential property owners full-service leak detection and repair services. This includes inspection and repairs of sub utility water pipes, spas, pools and other areas on the property. The company specializes in large or elaborate commercial circulatory water systems, and provides a broad range of maintenance, design and construction services.

From start to finish, Leak Locators adheres to a hands-on policy, and it is not unusual for their professionals to dive into pools or spas to search for structural wear and tear or underground leaks. The company also offers pressure testing along the entire length of all pipelines and fixtures.

From big to small jobs, Leak Locators offers all types of leak detection services, including maintenance and prevention. All jobs are professionally completed by skilled, experienced workers. Services offered include the following:

Source and origins
• High water bill inspections
Pool inspections
• Pool, spas and foundation inspection
Sub-utility water supply
• Sewer camera and utility location

Call Leak Locators today to schedule an evaluation or have a suspected leak uncovered and repaired. This ensures that problems are located and the appropriate work completed before costly repairs become necessary.

sub utility leak

Leak Locators Offers Invaluable Services to Property Owners

Underground leaks, also commonly referred to as sub utility leaks, do not affect all homeowners, but when they do occur, their presence can be quite problematic. Underground leaks are usually…

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