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Leak Locators: Service You Can Count On

Let’s face it…life happens. You just never know when a pesky leak will pop up. That’s why leak repair and protection is always needed no matter where a leak occurs. Leak Locators is  locally owned and operated. They have mastered many methods of leak detection and repair.

Leak Locators was established in 2006 by Blake Brown. Blake understood that it would take a team of top notch water professionals to investigate the origins of complex leaks. The combined experience of Blake and his team spans over 30 years in the industry. They possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to identify all types water leaks & of course, effectively & efficiently repair your water leak.

Leak Locators is proud to be the go-to provider of full-service leak detection, maintenance and prevention. Their impressive services are inclusive of:

↳ Pool & Spa Foundations

↳ Pool Inspection

↳ Irrigation

↳ Utility Location & Sewer Camera

↳ Sub-Utility Water Supply

↳ Source & Origins

↳ Costly Water Bill Inspections

Do not dismay, Leak Locators can quickly detect the source of your water leak problem. Whether from a pool, spa, sub-utility water pipe system, a fountains, anywhere water happens to be leaking. Their prompt attention delivers services with unparalelled accuracy and precision. You will appreciate the care and respect in which they operate to solve your leakage problems, and save you from tons of water loss.

The state-of-the-art equipment used by Leak Locators promotes advanced leak protection in a complete job from start to finish.

Leak Locators even have a team of certified scuba divers on-hand to investigate leaks for residential as well as commercial properties.

Due to the ongoing use of pools, spas, and water systems, over time leaks will occur with the breakdown of foundations and pipes. Your Leak Locators technician is available to check for structural leaks and to pressure test the entire length of your plumbing fixtures.

Above Ground Pool Leaks & DetectionMany people consider swimming pools the high end highlight of a residential property. As well as a major amenity to commercial property. On average, 20 to 30 percent of pool water loss is in the form of leaks. This evokes high utilities and costly repairs. Foundation shifts are common in above ground pools, causing leaks over time. This also makes leak detection somewhat difficult, as opposed to in-ground pools. However, Leak Locators has a solution and technique for leak detection, even under these diverse circumstances.

Sub Utility Leaks Pose Unique Issues

In the case of sub utility leaks,Leak Locators has got you covered. Sub utility lines are generally found on properties that have water and sewer lines  that connect from other structures. These types of problematic connections are common of guest homes, pools, or backyard gardens.

Unfortunately, weaker materials are typical of sub utility water line structures. Of course this makes them prone to leakage. Also, aged plumbing from ground shifts or invading tree roots can cause damage to these delicate water lines.

The challenge with leak detection and repairs for these lines is due to the subterranean nature. However, Blake Brown and his team will find the leak and repair the leak. Typically, Leak Locators applies an exploratory approach to locating sub utility leaks.

Even though this task appears daunting, Leak Locators has developed multiple approaches to locating sub utility leaks. First, they look for visible leaks by using a variety of underground imaging. This technique uses radar and other methods to evaluate the integrity of the sub utility lines, expediting the process and enhancing leak detection accuracy.

Good News for Finding Pool Leaks

Leak Locators are experts leak locators. They know that when accuracy is exercised in leak detection, repairs are less costly.

As one of the most attractive forms of outdoor recreation, swimming pools have the potential to waste a lot of water. When pool owners have refilling pumps to keep the pool full, it gives the appearance that water is not escaping, when in fact, water may be seeping through foundation cracks. Without proper investigation the pool leak will fester and only get worse.

Swimming pool leaks can be difficult to repair for a number of reasons. Foundation leaks cause water to leak into the ground, affecting the nature of the concrete. While the foundation of your pool may be intact, there could be a leak in the underground pipe that lies between the pool and water supply. This leakage could lead to a break down in the pool’s foundation and ultimately cause erosion. Leak detection proves to be the best cost-effective solution.

As far as swimming pool leak repairs go, Leak Locators are specialists. They offer services that center around patching leaks in the pool’s foundation, fixing leaks in the pool’s water delivery system, and fixing underground pipes. These processes specifically involve such services as:

↳ Swimming Pool

↳ Updates & Renovations

↳ Crack Repairs

↳ Inspections

↳ Underground Pipe Repairs

↳ Commercial Pool Pump Room Installation


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