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Leaks: The Problems They Can Cause and How We Can Solve Them

Leaks represent one of the most challenging problems for homeowners and business owners alike. There are countless causes of leaks, but the problems they can create can be consolidated into a short, simple and fear-inducing list, which includes:

Increased utility bills
Decreased water pressure
Substructure damage
Damage to pools, concreted areas and so on
Potentially dangerous areas that can cause injuries

While this list is short, it’s worth noting that each problem is listed in terms of the number of problems and costs associated with these problems that leaks can cause.

Let’s take a closer look at why leaks form, and what a professional outfit like our own can do to solve these leaks permanently.

Why Do Leaks Form?

The cause of leaks from plumbing is simple: a portion of the plumbing fails in some way as to let the water escape. This leads to excess water flowing to areas that may not have been engineered to withstand these forces.

The underlying causes of these leaks tend to be weaknesses in the plumbing or external forces that may have been overlooked during the drafting of the plumbing system.

An example of a plumbing weakness can include weak joints or weak solder points. This results in weak areas where water and the small minerals that flow through it eroding the otherwise durable and rigid surfaces designed to carry water from one place to the next.

External forces are similar, yet they can be much harder to guard against. Plumbing is often buried in softer soil that may shift as the rain erodes the soil, which in turn causes the plumbing to turn and twist. If this plumbing is rigid, such as with PVC, it may fracture rather than bending.

A third category exists where weaknesses in plumbing intersect with external forces. Galvanized pipes are an excellent example of this, as the outer protective layer can erode with age. Trees can then penetrate the smallest cracks in the plumbing to create gigantic leaks, which in turn leads to a plumbing weakness that external forces make even worse.

Can You Fix These Problems?

While some home and business owners have been successful in fixing their own leak problems, we do not generally recommend that you try to fix.

A small garden hose that leaks at the spigot is an example of something that you can try fixing by tightening the connection or replacing the o-ring that sits within the connector.

It’s when you begin trying to fix underground plumbing or substructure plumbing that we sincerely advise that you seek professional assistance. The reasons for this are numerous, but here are just a few of the more persuasive reasons:

This type of plumbing tends to be made from PVC or copper pipes. Modifying or repairing these components requires special tools, the proper techniques and the right knowledge to ensure that everything works in unison.
Leaks can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint for anyone less than a professional. This means more digging, more constructive destruction of your property, and more costly repairs when you attempt the repairs yourself.
Solving one leak can lead to another. This is because plumbing tends to be more complicated than it looks. Fixing one point of failure can lead to another down the line, which in turn become significantly more difficult to find than the last failure. Experts tend to be proficient in spotting multiple points of failure rather than just one, which minimizes this problem.

The point we want to make is that we don’t believe that you can’t fix your own leak problems. What we believe is that we can solve your plumbing leaks faster, easier and in a more cost-effective manner than you may be able to, unless you are a professional plumber.

Even if you are, we may still be able to solve your leaks faster using our advanced leak-finding techniques.

How Can We Help Solve Your Leaks?

We utilize a 3-step process to fix leaks effectively and efficiently:

We search for signs of leaks, which can include everything from obvious swamp-like areas in your yard to less obvious signs like decreased water pressure in your sinks. This helps us to pinpoint the most immediate of your leaks.
We fix the leak in the most appropriate way. We may patch the plumbing or replace it completely. We may even reroute your plumbing to ensure that this problem does not become a recurring issue.
We inspect the remainder of your plumbing for other potential leaking areas. Our inspectors have enough experience to tell when your plumbing is at risk for developing another leak, which is why we are experts are providing preventative measures before leak disasters happen.

When you’re ready to solve your leaks once and for all, then contact us at Leak Locators. We cover the Triangle area with services designed to be as comprehensive as you need.

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