Pay Your Neighbor's Utility Bill
How Would You Like To Pay Your Neighbor’s Utility Bill?

$ Floating Away, How Would You Like To Pay Your Neighbor's Utility Bill?

How would you like to pay your neighbor’s utility bill? What do you do if you suspect your being overcharged for your utilities?

Sadly, due to blunders in city planning, construction or major property renovations, you could unknowingly pay your neighbor’s utility bill. Thankfully, underground leak detection equipment can help you find out exactly where the utilities you are paying for are going. You then have proven data to support your case.

The terms we often use in the industry for these types of inspections are sewer camera and utility location, source and origins inspections or sub-utility water supply investigations. To find out more about how this works, check out the details below.


⊕ How Common Is It To Pay Your Neighbor’s Water Bill? ⊕

About 10 years ago, WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina, reported there were condo owners with issues with their water getting shut off without notice despite paying the bill on time.

It was determined the problem stemmed from incorrectly assigned water lines in multi-level housing. The utility company stated, “the reality is that the builders don’t build it perfect every time. The inspectors don’t catch it every time, and some of these go on for years before they’re caught by the customer or by us.”

⊕ Why Employ A Leak Detection Service? ⊕

Are you feeling like your utility bills are a bit out of the norm or just aren’t adding up correctly? If so, its time to call a  leak detection service like Leak Locators.

Leak Locators specialists will go through a series of tests to determine exactly where your water is going. This testing may require diagnostic and imaging techniques which may include using radar. Also inspecting the pressure of lines and other methods designed to “map” your water flow.

Other information attained during testing can tell you other useful information. Such as how far your pipes extend, if any pipes have connecting pipes and if they are exit or entry water pipes.

Whether you are paying your neighbor’s utility bill or have a leak somewhere in your water system, Leak Locators will find it.

⊕ Will The Utility Company Examine My Pipes? ⊕

In some situations, the utility companies will thoroughly investigate a claim that the water bill is being paid by a single homeowner or tenant instead of two or more. Regardless, there are many reasons to choose a third-party or independent leak detection service.

In addition to providing the data you need to prove you are being billed in error, a third-party leak detection service will also isolate any key issues you are having, and may be able to represent your situation to other authorities.

⊕ How To Use Data To No Longer Pay Your Neighbor’s Utility Bill ⊕

Once you have the data about your pipes, the location of each pipe, and if they are possibly giving your neighbors free utilities, the next step is to file the paperwork with the proper authority.

In many cases, this begins with contacting your local utility company. It is possible the utility company will refuse your data. If this occurs, make a claim at your local courthouse. This is an excellent way to solve your problem. In addition to getting your your over payment back, a judge may also ask for any of your legal bills to be reimbursed.

⊕ Other Ways Leak Detection Services Are Helpful ⊕

Not only does leak detection help with a shared water bill issue. It can help you save money with other common leaks as well.

Leak Locators can also help you with Foundation & Slab Leak Detection, Irrigation & Fountain Leak Detection, Sub-utility Leak Detection, Etc. Once we locate the source of your leak, Leak Locators can also perform the necessary repairs to stop your leak.


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