Pool Leak Detection

Your swimming pool can be a relaxing and refreshing retreat during the hot summer months. There’s nothing like taking a refreshing dip in the pool, then catching a few rays while relaxing on the deck. The problem with pools though, is that they can often be the source of major water leaks. Of course that then leads to high utility bills, as well as other potential issues in and around your home. Pool leak detection is of the upmost importance when it comes to maintaining your pool investment.

Most modern pools are equipped with an automatic refilling pump. Sounds great right? One less thing for you to worry about. Assuming you have no pool leaks. If so, you might be losing hundreds of gallons of water in as little as a week. Pool owners are very often completely unaware of leaks. At least, until the water bill arrives. Fortunately, Leak Locators specializes in finding the source of leaks in your pool. As well as properly repairing them. Ultimately allowing you to continue enjoying your pool without experiencing unnecessary additional utility bills.


Cracks in Many Places

A leaking pool can be a complicated problem because there are many places it can be leaking from. Cracks in the pool’s foundation can allow water to seep into the ground at an ever-increasing rate. A broken supply line can waste water before it ever has a chance to get to your pool. All of this is further complicated by the fact that most of these features are either underwater or underground. That is why we at Leak Locators have equipment to find cracks in your pool or supply lines, no matter where they are.


Cracks in the Foundation

The serene blues of your pool may make for a tranquil escape, but they also make it more difficult to spot small cracks in the foundation. That’s why we use specialized equipment to pinpoint the crack to ensure we only fix exactly what’s broken, rather than performing a larger repair that may not even end up fixing the problem. If necessary, we even employ SCUBA gear to carefully inspect your pool’s foundation to ensure each and every crack is completely identified and subsequently repaired.

An important part of the repairs we do is ensuring they are done correctly. After all, water will seek out even the smallest point of exit. Which, over time this movement will wear down and ultimately break any repairs which haven’t been completed correctly. That is why proper leak detection as well as repair is so crucial. We carefully and thoroughly use our special tools and equipment to inspect your pool from start to finish. A key portion of pool leak repair is locating ALL of the leaks your pool is experiencing. It’s crucial to locate and properly repair EACH location leaking. If not, additional pressure will be added to the missed leaks. Thus making them worse and leaving you right back where you started. With our thorough inspection, however, missing a leak is highly unlikely, ensuring you receive results which last for a long time.


Cracks in Supply Lines

Your pool is actually a highly complex system that has many points of potential failure. Since the supply lines leading to your pool aren’t put under as much water pressure as a typical water supply line, they often aren’t built as strong as their main supply line counterparts. With the changing temperatures we experience locally, these lines are put under a lot of stress, making them vulnerable to cracks of varying sizes that can lead to major damage.

Considering the proximity of the supply lines to your pool, a leak in a supply line can cause other problems by placing extra pressure on your pool’s foundation, leading to cracks that cause even more leaks. To stop this problem before it gets out of hand, proper detection is crucial. We can pinpoint leaks in underground pipes to within 3 feet of the actual location of the leak. This saves time and money, since we’ll only be excavating in the exact area or areas that need attention.

Additionally, we don’t assume that just because we’ve found one leak doesn’t mean there aren’t more. We carefully scan the entire length of all your supply lines going from the main supply line to the pump and from the pump to the pool to make sure all cracks are properly identified to be subsequently repaired. Once we’ve found the location of the leak, we can begin excavation and repair using a variety of methods, depending on the location of the pipe, the material the pipe is made of, and the severity of the leak.


Leak Experts

When it comes to pool leak detection, don’t depend on a general handyman to get the job done correctly. Properly locating the source of the leak will save you a lot of time and money since only a small portion will have to be repaired. The repair itself is also crucially important. Especially in subterranean pipes, proper repairs are vital to ensure the repair can withstand changing weather conditions and changing water pressure.

A repair that fails could end up causing more damage than the original leak. The pressure behind it will be more built up than it was with the damaged pipe. If you need to get your pool ready to be the relaxing paradise you want it to be, you can depend on Leak Locators to make sure your pool is watertight.


Pool Leak Detection is a key aspect in maintaining the relaxation you are seeking in your pool this summer

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Pool Leak Detection

Your swimming pool can be a relaxing and refreshing retreat during the hot summer months. There’s nothing like taking a refreshing dip in the pool, then catching a few rays…

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