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Rain: Causing Small and Catastrophic Leaks Alike

Spring brings many things, but the most prevalent of those things tends to be rainfall. This rain can range from a few inches to a torrent, especially when you live in North Carolina.

While many people think that the infiltration of this rain is the problem, it’s what this water can do to things buried in the ground that is the real issue. If the ground becomes wet enough in the right way, or if enough water accumulates upon certain points, this water can cause underground pipes and utilities to become damaged.

The worst part is that this damage may not be immediately noticeable. A small leak could develop that allows a few gallons of water to leak a month, which becomes a problem that progressively gets worse until your yard is little more than a swamp.

Let’s take a closer look at how heavy rains can cause your yard to become a disaster.

Changes in Moisture Can Shift the Ground

Water is one of the strongest elements in the world. It is enough to move mountains, even if that moving occurs over the course of thousands of years.

Your house, your yard and your driveway are no different. Given enough time and water, these parts of your property will eventually move. Anything buried under or in them will shift, which in turn is what generally causes a leak to develop.

The easiest way to exemplify this is by looking at a plumbing line that runs perpendicular to a driveway. This pipe will have a rigid structure, such as your driveway, pressing down upon it. The soil will press inwards.

As the soil absorbs moisture, it will push unevenly upon the rigid structure above your pipes. This can cause the driveway to shift to one direction, which in turn changes how it exerts force upon the plumbing.

Once this force changes, it can bend or break the pipe. This damage may appear immediately as a leak in your yard, or it may be a slow leak that is next to impossible for all but experts to find. Given enough time, this leak will develop into a larger one that costs more money.

Why is This So Problematic?

The reason this water-induced damage is so problematic revolves around the way these leaks develop. They tend to start as small pinhole leaks that only seep a few drops of water every few minutes. This wasted water costs but a few pennies to each month’s utility bill.

There are two situations where these tiny leaks become especially problematic:

When multiple leaks develop – Multiple leaks mean more water being wasted. This water can add to hundreds of dollars of wasted water each month, fines from local agencies during times of water restriction, and damage to your property.
When a small leak becomes big – Small leaks represent a breach in your plumbing. These breaches can only widen as pressurized water pushes past the damage areas. This damage will multiply until the pipe reaches complete failure, which in turn means that you will have water flooding areas that you may not be able to see.

You should note that neither of these cases are mutually exclusive; multiple small leaks can develop into multiple catastrophic leaks.

How Can You Stop Leaks Caused By Rain Water?

The best way to stop leaks is to detect them while they are still small. This is where our expertise shines, as we have the expertise and equipment required to pinpoint leaks before promptly repairing them.

Our processes excel when compared to the competition because we have created methods that are designed to be as efficient and effective as possible. This means less digging to ruin your yard, less brazing to attach new pips to your remaining plumbing, and less replacing of your components when systems like swimming pool or sump pumps are affected by leaks.

This benefits you by reducing the effects of leak repair on your life while allowing you to use your utilities sooner than other companies would let you.

This expedited service comes with no added wear to your system, nor does it affect the integrity of our repairs. Our work is guaranteed to repair the problems we pinpoint, which in turn will provide you with a value that lasts for years while protecting you from the damages that even a small leak could cause.

Don’t Let Leaks Ruin Your Property

The last thing you want to do is to let a leak ruin your property. Even a small leak can have catastrophic consequences in as little as six months, especially when the same problem that caused the ground to force a pipe to leak can cause the same pipe to rupture.

No matter if it’s aged utility plumbing or a problematic pump, we can repair it. We will walk you through every step to ensure that you are informed.

To stop leaks from ruining your property, call us at (919) 376-9203 today.