For over three decades Leak Locators has been serving the residents of Raleigh, North Carolina providing reliable leak location services for pools, septic tanks, sub-utility water supplies and anything else that can leak.Leak Locators offers complete servicing solutions for fountains, pools, spas, and various types of sub-utility water pipes. Everything begins with a professional leak detection consultation, searching for any leaks, weak spots or areas of concern in your piping.
However, some problems are hard to detect visually and that's why Leak Locators follows the main examination with a pressure test on the plumbing. This helps to make any problems more obvious, without damaging the good parts, and leads directly into the next phase.

Once every problem has been located, it's time for the repair process to begin. Leak Locators does everything needed for repairing problems with pools and pipe leaks - even when the problem is buried under dirt and concrete with no easy access. The old concrete will be removed, the dirt saved for later, and the problem pipe(s) repaired with a custom-fit solution. However, before the repair job is complete, there's another important step: testing the system again.

This ensures two things. First, the integrity of the repair will be stress-tested to be sure it's actually functioning as intended. Second, this second check ensures that there are no additional leaks within the system. When the job is complete, we'll refill the hole and put in new concrete.

Leaks really are a big problem, but our professional leak location and repair services can find the problems and fix them the right way. Call us at 919-376-9203 now

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