concrete slab leak repair
Recognizing Signs of Slab Leaks

The Hazards of Slab Leaks

Leaks of all types can be highly problematic to structures. Water leaks can frequently bring on significant increases in monthly bills. They can often bring on water damage and resulting mildew and mold as well. Since mildew and mold can be detrimental to human health, it’s always critical to pay careful attention to all signs of leaks and water damage. Slab leaks are common leaks that exist in many homes these days. These leaks, in short, occur below the slabs in plumbing lines. People often don’t realize that slab leaks exist until it’s too late. These leaks can be highly destructive to properties. If you want to protect yourself and your property from the headaches and steep costs associated with slab leak damage, it can help to learn how to identify them if at all realistic. The earlier you can pinpoint a slab leak in your home, the better.

concrete slab leak repair

Moist Carpet and Distorted Flooring

Concrete slabs tend to absorb water leaks that take place below them. This happens gradually with the passing of time. Drenched concrete causes drenched floors and carpeting. If you notice that your carpet is moist and cannot figure out why, a slab leak could be to blame. Be on the lookout for distorted flooring as well. If your laminate or wood floors have taken on unusual warped looks, there could be a leak on your property somewhere.

Musty Odor

If there’s a slab leak somewhere on your property, it may start to develop a conspicuous musty odor. Don’t ignore any dank or fusty smells in your home. A strange odor could be the result of oddly wet floors and carpeting.

The Presence of Mold

Water that makes its way into flooring tends to then access the walls. Drywall tends to soak H20 up readily and rapidly. Moist drywall typically triggers the presence of mold within walls. If you suspect that you have any type of mold issue on your property, a slab leak could be the big culprit.

Foundation Destruction

Your property’s foundation is critical for support and structural integrity. Your residential foundation consists of two distinctive components. These include steel supports and a concrete slab. Leaks underneath slabs often trigger cracks, splits and openings in foundations. These things tend to manifest as conspicuous floor lumps.

Yard Destruction

If the pipe leak is below your yard instead of your actual property, it can bring on yard flooding. This flooding, in turn, can cause soggy areas in your yard. If you assess your grass and notice any inexplicably saturated sections, a leak could be the root cause. Oddly soggy spots in yards that don’t ever fully dry regardless of how much time has gone by are major warning flags.

Other Possible Slab Leak Signs

Potential slab leak signs don’t end with these. There are numerous other things that frequently point to them. If there’s any slab leak on your property, you could experience a drop in water pressure. You may begin receiving monthly water bills that are oddly high. Your hot water heater may begin to run incessantly. You may even notice parts of your floor that feel hot for no apparent reason. Don’t ignore any of these signs. Do something about them as soon as possible and recruit the assistance of a professional who specializes in leak detection and management.

Potential Slab Leak Causes

Many different signs can denote potential slab leaks on properties. Many different things can cause these leaks in the first place as well. Immoderate water pressure can sometimes cause them. The same goes for faulty construction practices, abrasion and even issues with water chemistry. Faulty pipe installation is a big cause of slab leaks. If you have a slab leak on your property, chances are bent pipes are the villain.

Get in Contact With a Leak Detection Professional As Soon As Possible

Slab leaks can be highly detrimental. They can bring on significant damage to your property. They can often even negatively affect your health. If you want to defend your household from all of the possible risks that are associated with slab leaks, you have to be 100 percent vigilant. Leak Locators is a prominent leak detection firm that’s based in Clayton, North Carolina. Our extensively trained and seasoned specialists can provide you with in-depth leak detection assistance that can give you full peace of mind. They know how to detect slab leaks. They also know how to recognize signs of sub utility, irrigation, foundation and swimming pool leaks. Contact Leak Locators as soon as possible to learn more about our high-quality detection work. Call us without delay to schedule an appointment, too. Our 24-hour company is accessible around the clock to accommodate customers’ various leak detection requirements. Our leak repair work is second to none.