Repair Process


On-The-Job: Repairing a Water Leak

Step 1: Pressure Test

Leak Locators pressurizes each of the underground plumbing lines to determine if there is a break in one of the lines. Leak Locators uses state-of-the-art equipment to accurately pin-point the leak within 3 feet of the exact location.

Step 2: The Probe Test

Leak Locators drills a small hole and uses a probing rod to determine the location of the leak underground.



Step 3: Cut Concrete

Leak Locators traces a 2x2 foot square on the pool deck in the area of the underground leak. Then Leak Locators cuts the concrete out along a measured square.

Step 4: Removing Concrete

Leak Locators removes all the pieces of sliced concrete so that they can dig to the depth of the leak. All removed concrete is taken off the job site.

repair process step 3

repair process step 4

Step 5: Exposing The Pipe

Leak Locators digs to reach the depth of the pipe to expose the broken pipe. The removed dirt will be kept on site as it will be used in a later step.

Step 6: Removing The Broken Pipe

Leak Locators clears out dirt and debris so there is room to work around the exposed pipe. Leak Locators removes the broken section from the rest of the plumbing line.

repair process step photo

repair process step photograph

Step 7: Replacing The Pipe

Leak Locators replaces the area of pipe that was broken and measures and cuts the desired amount of replacement pipe. That pipe is secured into the section of plumbing that was removed.

Step 8: Retesting The Pipe

Leak Locators pressurizes the line to determine that the repair has stopped the leak. In the event of a secondary break in the line Leak Locators begins the leak detection process over to determine the position of that leak.

repair process illustrative photo

Step 9: Reconnecting The Equipment Pad

Leak Locators returns the equipment pad back to operating specifications. Leak Locators repairs any lines that may have been cut in order to perform the necessary tests during the leak detection.

repair process detail

repair process photo detail

Step 10: Back-Fill

Once the pipe has been repaired and proven to hold pressure Leak Locators back-fills the hole where the repair was made. The original dirt that was taken out in Step 5 will be used to fill the hole back in and secure the pipe in place.

repair photo

Step 11: Adding Concrete

Leak Locators replaces the removed concrete from Step 4 with new materials. Recommendations will be made to the customer for additional support in returning the deck back to its original look.
These services (and more) are available by Leak Locators.

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