Leak Locators is a full-service leak location and detection company offering residential and commercial complete leak detection inspection on pools, spas, foundations, and sub-utility water pipes. Leak Locators specializes in elaborate and large commercial circulatory water systems, from design and construction to maintenance and servicing. Leak Locators is hands-on from start to finish - diving into pools to look for structural leaks as well as pressure testing entire lengths of plumbing and fixtures.

No Job is too big or too small - every aspect of leak detection, prevention and maintenance is provided by Leak Locators, with each job professionally serviced by Leak Locators trained and experienced professionals. Leak Locators services include:

  • Pool / Spa / Foundations
  • Pool Inspections
  • Irrigation
  • Sewer Camera and Utility Location
  • Sub-Utility Water Supply
  • Source and Origins
  • High Water Bill Inspections

These services (and more) are available by Leak Locators. Call Leak Locators today at (919) 376-9203 or fill out the contact form here.

To read more and view pictures about the processes of leak detection by Leak Locators, click here. To learn more about the leak detection repair process, click here.

Swimming pool leak repair

This commercial pool is in a residential neighborhood in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle area. A complete leak detection was performed on this commercial pool. Leak Locators were able to locate the leaks in multiple light housings.

Leak Locators are highly qualified to perform inspections and leak detections on ANY water feature.

There is simply NO POOL TOO BIG for us! BIG or small, Leak Locators does it ALL.

Call Leak Locators today at (919) 376-9203 or Click Here to fill out our contact form.