Swimming Pool Inspections


A swimming pool can provide an incredible amount of value to a home. It can facilitate healthy recreation, adds value to your home, and brings together the overall appearance of your property.

The problem is that pools can sometimes be the source of incredible headaches that just won't leave. Issues with the liner, cracks in the concrete and leaks in the plumbing can make a seemingly wonderful investment into a nightmare. Serious cracks left unchecked can continually costs money.

At Leak Locators, we specialize in providing detailed swimming pool inspections to inform you of existing and potential problems with your swimming pool.

Let's explore how our pool inspections can save you from troubles and help to prevent your pool from costing you more.


Why Opt for a Swimming Pool Inspection?

Home inspectors and other professionals may be capable of diagnosing one or more issues. However, they tend not to offer a comprehensive picture of the state of swimming pools. This allows hidden problems to persist that can increase your utility bills. This translates into damage to the foundation of your home and lawn, and lead to the inevitable failure of the swimming pool.

Swimming pool inspections are designed to offer comprehensive details from pool experts. They include an analysis of the structural integrity of your pool, any connected components and the lines that supply and empty it of water.

By knowing about these actual and potential problems, you can have them addressed. This helps you keep your swimming pool as an investment rather than something that will inevitably cost you a small fortune to bandage over the life of your pool.


Making Use of Our Leak Repair Services

In addition to detecting potential and existing problems with your swimming pool, we offer a number of services designed to facilitate the proper and efficient function of your plumbing and plumbing accessories.

Our services include:

  • Underground Pipe Repairs
  • Updates and Renovations
  • Swimming Pool Crack Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Inspections
  • Commercial Pool Pump Room Installation

Ensure Your Swimming Pool Adds Value to Your Home

Swimming pools can add value to your home, make it easier to sell, and give people living in your home a way to cool off when it's hot outside. Each one of these attributes is desirable but can easily go to waste if you fail to have your swimming pool's problems addressed in a timely manner.

To ensure that your swimming pool adds value to your home, have us give your swimming pool an inspection. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Leak Locators. contact us today.

Swimming Pool Inspections

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