Underground Pipe Repairs

What Can You Do About Underground Leaks?

The worst part about underground pipe leaks is the fact that they are difficult to access. They have traditionally required the excavation of the pipe, which in turn translated to large amounts of manual labor.

Older pipes, such as cast iron or clay pipes, will generally require that the entire length is replaced. This is because these pipes tend to experience catastrophic failure as they begin to show signs of wear, which in turn means that replacing just a portion of the pipe may lead to other problems.

Newer pipes, such as copper or PVC plumbing, can generally have just a portion replaced. Even cracks that run parallel to the length of the pipe can generally be excavated, cut and replaced by a compatible material for a lasting repair.

Detection is the Most Important Step

Replacing and repairing leaking pipes is relatively easy when you look at the grand scheme of underground piping. The most difficult part of the process is detecting where the leak is, which in turn helps to keep the excavation and repair to minimal levels.

At Leak Locators, we specialize in locating the type of leaks that could cost you money and detract from the quality of your plumbing.

We utilize tried and tested methods of locating leaks, which in turn allows us to keep costs and the burden of repair as small to you as possible.

"Trust Us for Your Underground Pipe Repairs"

We specialize in repairing underground pipes and providing a number of water infiltration and leak repair services.

A brief list of our complete services include:

  • Underground Pipe Repairs
  • Updates and Renovations
  • Crack Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Inspections
  • Commercial Pool Pump Room Installation

To learn more about our services, or to find out why our leak detection services excel over the competition, contact us today.

Underground Leak

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