Slab Leak Detection

Slab foundations are some of the most common types of foundations. They represent reduced costs, which in turn can lower the overall cost of a home to a homeowner.The problem is that certain utility problems can be incredibly problematic. Slab leaks represent one of the greatest problems that slab foundations may encounter. Truth is damage from slab leaks can cost up to $4,000 to fix.

Detecting slab leaks is an intricate process because of the way plumbing tends to be encapsulated by concrete. This allows the leaks to erode the surrounding foundation. When this happens it can cause extensive and problematic problems that endanger the integrity of the entire home.

How Do We Detect Slab Leaks?

The first thing we do with slab leak detection is to verify that a leak exists. This means shutting off the water in a home and verifying that there are no leaks in visible portions of the plumbing. Then we measure the flow of water from the water supply.

If we find that a leak exists but cannot locate it in a visible portion of the home, then we begin looking closer to determine if the leak is in the slab foundation.

We can inspect individual portions of the plumbing according to any building blueprints. This allows us to determine the section of pipe that is leaking within the slab foundation. This helps us to determine the extent of the damage before engaging in any extensive repairs.

Why is Slab Leak Detection Necessary?

The main reason slab leak detection is necessary involves just how labor-intensive it is to access plumbing within a slab foundation. Sections must be extracted, floors may need to be disassembled, and other actions may occur that require costly repairs after the repairs to your plumbing have been completed.

Slab leak detection helps to verify that a leak exists while pinpointing where the leak is. This helps to minimize the costs to you while ensuring that your slab foundation maintains its integrity required to last.

Given the costs associated with repairing a slab foundation following the damage from a leak, your best option is to first opt for slab leak detection. This will help to ensure that repairs are necessary while reducing the overall costs of these repairs.

Waiting to repair a slab leak, on the other hand, can cost an arm and a leg due to the extensive damage leaks can cause.

When you're ready to inspect your property for leaks, contact Leak Locators. We target leaks to help ensure that your home or business remains safe and efficient.

Slab leak detection

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