Sub Utility Leak Detection

A sub utility leak represents an interesting conundrum that not all homeowners have to face. These lines are generally only found on properties where water and sewer lines are run to structures like pools, backyard gardens or guest homes. These are typically located on another part of the property apart from the main residential structure.The reason these lines are so problematic is that they tend to be weaker than regular utility lines. They tend to have aging plumbing that can be invaded by tree roots, broken by shifts in the ground, or damaged as the result of wear and tear.

These leaks exist apart from the common leaks that most homes have. They are difficult to locate due to their subterranean nature. Repairs are equally difficult due to the fact that these lines must be excavated.

Let’s examine how our sub utility leak detection service might be able to help you avoid costly repairs and unsightly problems.

How Do We Locate Sub Utility Leaks?

There are two main ways we locate sub utility leaks: by looking for visible signs of leaks and by utilizing different methods of underground imaging.

Visible signs of leaks can include inspecting for particularly verdant grass, wet spots in the soil and shifts in the foundation of buildings.

Diagnostic and imaging techniques can include using radar. Inspecting the pressure of sub utility lines and other methods designed to diagnose the structural integrity of these sub utility lines. These procedures often occur after visible signs have been found. This expedites the process and enhances the accuracy of leak detection.

Why Should You Repair Sub Utility Leaks?

Sub utility leaks represent large, progressive leaks that will worsen without being repaired. A sub utility leak with a in-ground irrigation system can waste 6,300 gallons each month. This can amount to a large number of problems. These include everything from wasted water to foundation shifts and broken pipes.

Repairing a sub utility leak is the most accurate way to ensure that potential problems do not materialize. This can save you money while ensuring that future problems do not prevent you or other individuals in your home from making full use of your utilities.

Let Us Help You Find Your Sub Utility Leaks

We specialize in locating sub utility leaks. We have both the expertise and equipment required to do so, which saves you time and money.

To learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, contact Leak Locators. You can reach us by calling (919) 376-9203.

Sub utility leak

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