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Swimming Pool Leak Indications

The Various Dangers of Swimming Pool Leaks

A backyard swimming pool can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. It can be one of life’s greatest hassles, too. If you dismiss indications of issues with your swimming pool, it can lead to all sorts of dilemmas. Catastrophic leaks are just one prominent example. It’s important to be attentive to indications of possible swimming pool leaks. The sooner you catch leaks, the easier it should be for you to remedy them and get things back on track. Disregarding pool leaks enables them to get more and more out of hand. It can also subject you to sky-high repair costs. Remember, swimming pools are pretty intricate systems. They consist of all sorts of elements that need to remain in tiptop condition. If something is wrong with your pool, there may be various indications. If your pool has a leak of any type, there may be numerous highly specific indications, too.

Water Accumulation

Water accumulation unsurprisingly frequently signifies the presence of swimming pool leakage. If you see water accumulation close to your pool, you should look into the situation further. If you see accumulation anywhere close to its pad for equipment, you should conduct an assessment all the same. Carefully looking at tools and devices may provide you with details. You may learn that something just isn’t right with an O-ring. Be on the lookout for grass growth issues close to your pool. Be on the lookout for areas that are saturated as well. These things may denote a leak that’s situated below the ground. The leak may even involve your plumbing system in some capacity.

Unusual Water Use

Unusual water use often is associated with swimming pool leaks. If you start receiving water bills that are out of hand and impossible to explain, then a leak could be behind all of your woes. Concentrate on fill devices that operate without pause.


Evaluate your swimming pool for any possible splits that may be there. Surface splits frequently are tied to leaks. Pools that are dirty can be problematic, however. Dirty pools can make searching for splits markedly more difficult. Give your patio some attention as well. If it’s protruding, a deck split could be to blame. A pool surface split could be to blame, too.

The Frustrating Emergence of Algae

If you observe the inexplicable emergence of algae, then your pool could have some kind of leak. Think about the coloration of your pool, too. If your swimming pool has taken on coloring that’s odd, then something could be wrong. Algae and color troubles can often point to water chemistry issues. Water chemistry issues aren’t uncommon. They often take place after the introduction of H20 that hasn’t undergone treatment.

Strange Bubbling Noises

Strange noises can sometimes point to swimming pool leaks. If you hear odd bubbling noises coming from your swimming pool area, you shouldn’t brush off the matter even for a second. Bizarre noises in most situations can be traced back to pools. They frequently can be traced back to leaks that are spiraling further and further out of control.

Tile Harm

Give your attention to the tiles that make up your swimming pool. If they appear unusual in any way, then a leak could be the culprit. Tile problems are in many cases related to the absence of water, too.

Chemical Use That Constantly Changes

If any water escapes from your swimming pool, it may encourage the disappearance of vital chemicals that have dissolved. This means that you must swap out these missing chemicals with new ones immediately, and understandably so.

H20 Corrosion

H20 corrosion can often be a surefire indication of a swimming pool leak. If you pick up on hints of H20 corrosion located at the pump, a leak could be the big cause. If you pick up on corrosion that’s close to the pipes, a leak could be the trigger all the same.

Equipment Difficulties

Don’t let difficulties that involve your swimming pool equipment slide for a minute. If you have a leak, there’s a strong chance that your water amounts have gone done dramatically. This makes complete sense. Equipment that’s tired and that’s been in use for extended periods of time can often bring on water amounts that are questionable and reduced. Leakage that originated in the filters can often be troubling. Leaks that originated in the pipes can often be just as troubling. Assess the sections right under your equipment pieces. If you pick up on moist sections, a leak could be be lurking somewhere.

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