Underground Leak Detection Wilmington NC

Skilled underground leak detection Wilmington provided by Leak Locators helps customers save money by identifying sites of accidental water loss. We service Wilmington, North Carolina and outlying areas. Our company assists commercial, institutional, and residential customers.

We specialize in pinpointing damaging water leaks impacting plumbing systems and sub utilities, swimming pools, fountains, water tanks, and lawn sprinkler irrigation systems. We offer cutting-edge solutions for the significant problems caused by the accidental waste of water. Let us help you ensure undetected water leaks don’t contribute to your monthly expenses.

Water: A Precious Natural Resource

Water constitutes perhaps the most valuable, life-sustaining resource on Earth. It supports ecosystems around the world. Without this precious substance, our planet would resemble Mars: a dead, dry, lifeless, unrelentingly harsh and forbidding environment. The presence of water makes a huge difference in the ability of any habitat to support life.

Yet despite its innate value, water today poses immense management challenges for our society. The costs of using water have gradually increased in the United States during recent years. Today, a growing number of companies and households in North Carolina appreciate the importance of preventing unnecessary water losses. By detecting and fixing minor water leaks rapidly, you’ll optimize your investment in real estate.

Damage Caused by Undetected Water Leaks

Has an underground leak caused damage to property? Unfortunately, in some situations this problem produces extensive harm. Several facts support making the effort to locate and fix underground water leaks in a timely manner a high priority for real estate owners:

  • Water leaks (detected or undetected) contribute to higher monthly water usage figures;
  • Unrepaired plumbing leaks often increase in scope at pipes age;
  • Leaking water penetrates variable distances underground;
  • Some leaks waste significant volumes of water;
  • Water leaks may eventually contribute to infrastructure damage;
  • Over time, leaking water may help create unwanted impacts: water saturated ground; concrete slab deterioration; wet basement and storm cellar conditions; or even structural damage;
  • Undetected water leaks which injure adjoining properties may become a potential source of landowner liability.

Take Timely Action

For a multitude of reasons, if you suspect your plumbing system has developed water leaks, locating and repairing this damage promptly becomes important. By fixing leaks as soon as possible, you’ll typically minimize your total repair expenses. Correcting a small leak usually costs much less than performing a complete pipeline replacement.

Leak Locators offers specialized underground water leak detection services. Since we focus on this activity full-time, we’ve concentrated upon identifying the most likely sites of water loss accurately. We usually pinpoint these locations within three feet.

Warning Sings of Possible Water Leaks

Property owners may wish to rule out the possibility of a water leak whenever they observe one (or more) of these signs:

  • Sudden unexplained increases in monthly water use;
  • Persistently wet flooring and carpeting;
  • Persistent, unexplained sounds of water flowing inside walls or beneath floors;
  • Especially vigorous unexplained plant growth atop or near a sub utility line;
  • The unexplained appearance of persistently soggy, wet patches in a yard;
  • Unexplained sudden decreases in water pressure;
  • Visible pooling of water around fountains, swimming pools or water tanks;
  • Unexplained persistently wet (or damp) basements and storm cellars.

Use Our Leak Detection Services

Why should you consider using Leak Locators in Wilmington NC to help detect underground water leaks quickly? First, we’ve developed expertise in this field. Our technicians possess experience finding water leaks. Second, our service may significantly reduce the expense involved in repairing underground breaks in plumbing pipes. We endeavor to keep expensive excavation to a minimum. Three, we employ high-tech tools and equipment to assist our customers. Fourth, we possess familiarity with conditions in North Carolina. Our local firm knows the Wilmington area well.

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To schedule an appointment with us, or to request additional information, simply call 910-284-7154. You can also reach us through the convenient online form. We look forward to assisting you!

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