For the past 30 years Leak Locators has located and repaired thousands of leaks in pools, spas, water supplies, sewers, irrigation systems and fountains in the city of Wilson, North Carolina. Our service professionals are trained in the latest tools and techniques to locate and repair leaks quickly and effectively. If you think that your home or business has a leak in your piping or your water bill is much higher than it usually is, you need to call Leak Locators today. There is no job too big or small for us to tackle.
A pipe leak can spring suddenly and quietly behind a wall or under your floor and quietly spray water all over your insulation, wiring, wood, and metal, causing serious long term damage. You want to make sure that the pipe leak is contained quickly before the damage is irreversible. Our experts will arrive and quickly locate the source of your leak or leaks, access that location (which may be behind a wall, under a floor or behind concrete), repair or replace the piping, then put everything back the way it was before we arrived.

We guarantee that we can fix any job, no matter how severe. We have the training, technique, and equipment to tackle even the most difficult leaks. So, if you suspect that your home or business has a leaking pool, septic system, well or any other plumbing system, don’t delay getting it fixed, or you could risk a collapsed floor, sinkhole or electrical fire.

When you call us, we will send a professional Leak Detection expert to your home or business to locate where your leak or leaks are and repair them the same day. Call Leak Locators now by dialing 919-376-9203

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